In Memory

Doug Lauer

Just got the word that Doug Lauer had died of Covid-19 on January 7th.  Doug and his wife have lived in "The Villages" in Florida for the last several years.  When arrangments are disclosed, an updated announcment will be sent out.  R.I.P. Doug.

Something to chew on:  There are rumors that vitamins and supplements are sometimes useful in mitigating the effects of the virus.  Please review this article to see if you might want to supplement your diet:       I have seen several of these items under the store brand, Kirkland, at Costco.

There was even another rumor that Pepcid, an antacid, was believed effective in mitigating the virus effects.  Both Costco and Sam's Club sell a generic version of Pepcid.

In other parts of the world, the "quinine" medication (Chloroquine) that was mentioned as a possible moderator in our country, is habitually given to people who test positive or show signs of the virus.  The first rule of medicine is "Do no harm".   Evidently the United States of America medico's have rejected the positive implications of the quinine medicine.  Doesn't make sense, if the application "does no harm", but might improve the sysmptoms, and decrease the death percentages (especially if it's me).  This seems to be a "black and white" subject item for some folks.  Having known people who took this medicine for malaria symptoms, who didn't reflect harm by taking it, I'm wondering what the big mystery is?

We aren't as fast as we used to be, so we have to be "more crafty", or "craftier" (what is it?).