How about some exercise on your computer?


A little feedback from you, on this subject, would help.
What do you find difficult? 
What would you like to see defined in "cook book" fashion? 
Up near the top of the left column, is a label called "COMPUTER EXERCISE".  Click on that label and you are redirected to a page that contains short instructions on how to accomplish functions on your browser page (internet explorer, firefox, and the like).  I can write on what what you need, or I can write on what I think you might want.  With feedback, we can get to your needs.  Don't worry about the technical wording.  Just state the problem that you are having.  A new process will be added as often as possible.


What does the internet (and lots of other places) know and show about you?
Take a look  (it may be helpful to print this page). 
The link following belongs to a relative who is a TV/Movie Actor:  .
1.  When you click on the link, the link will be transferred to the URL window (that's the window at the very top of your screen, usually just to the right of the backward/forward arrows (<-, ->),
2.  So, when the link is loaded into the URl window, click the cursor onto the link.  The link will probably turn to a blue background. 
3.  Touch the right arrow on the keyboard (just on either side of the up/down arrow keys). 
4.  Then, when the blue background is removed, back space (erase) from the end of stuart+nisbet 's name to the beginning of his name. 
5.  Now, type in your name (with a "+" in between your first and last name - all lower case is preferred). 
6a.  Next, left click the mouse on the blue arrow just at the right end of the URL window (there is also a red X, just to the right of the blue arrow). 
6b.  instead of clicking on the blue arrow, you can hit the Enter key on the keyboard.  You will be taken to the "123people" web site, with any information about the name that you entered is then displayed.
Now the fun really begins. 
7.  Left click the mouse cursor on any of the blue options on the page (note, that there are often several sub pages for each category that can be accessed). 
Have fun looking at your, and other's information the share your name.
What have you learned by completing these steps?  
You have learned how to modify any URL address that you happen to have in your URL window. 
That is significant, especially when you click on links that direct you to "You Tube" clips or other locations that specifically identify the site that you are going to (such as this one - the "123people" web site.  Notice that the You Tube address in the URL window is composed of the main page address, and the specific clip address separated by the /.  There may be more than one sub section, but, for now, just observe what happens when you click on various links.  We'll get more detailed in another instruction later.

Suppose the text size is too large, and you are constantly scrolling vertically (or horizontally) to see the image on your computer screen; OR, the text size is too small, & you have to use a magnifing glass to read the text.

What can you do?  WHAT CAN YOU DO?

Change the Text Size so that you can see most or all of the part of the computer screen that you are interested in.

1. Try this first:  With almost all modern browsers you can hold down the Ctrl key on your key board (Command key on a Macintosh) and press the + (plus) key to increase the text size or - (minus) key to reduce the text size (these keys are over on the right side in the number key pad area.
2.  The same effect can often be achieved with a mouse that has a scroll wheel between the left and right buttons.  Just hold down the Ctrl key and roll the scroll wheel forward to increase the text size, or roll the scroll wheel backward (toward you) to decrease the text size.
Exercise this feature often to gain more control over your display.