In Memory

Chuck Kinsey

Our classmate Chuck Kinsey died on September 17, 2021.  His health had been declining, but he was comfortable in his situation.  Chuck would have turned 79 on October 14th. His wife, Hollis, notified Bob Watson by email, and included the following information:

"There will be no memorial service and no charity for donations.  To send Hollis a note of condolence, her contact information is as follows:

     Hollis KInsey, 180 E Pearson, #6907, Chicago, IL 60611; phone/text 312-208-3125; email"

The following is a short bio. that Chuck provided for our reunion site:

I worked for R. Buckminster Fuller producing the world design documents (short quiz:  Bucky Fuller, a mechanical design professor at U of I, Urbana, is best known for what creation? )

I joined Herman Miller Inc. as a Industrial Designer
I moved to NYC and became VP of consulting services with a International Architectural firm

I started a Architectural/Industrial design firm with the name of Space Management Programs Inc. with offices in NYC and Chicago.  The firm specialty was Corporate headquarters and relocation.  I started the firm in 1973.  Some of our first clients were Stock and Commodity Exchanges in NYC and Chicago. 

In 1973, I was one of the founders of the Chicago Board Options Exchange.  Although the firm continued to work with corporate office space--We became known as the firm that did Financial Institutions.  Over the next 25 years we did most all of the Exchanges build in the world.  We did numerous projects around the world; Asia, North & South America, Europe, and the UAE.  It would be fair to say that we did about 85-90% of the exchanges over the last 30 years.  I sold the firm and retired in 2000. 

Founded The Kinsey International Art Foundation.