In Memory

(60) Don Carmody

This last year, Don's world was connected to an oxygen concentrator, and with stints of medication mismanagement it was tougher than he would have liked. He talked so much of wanting to have attended our 50th H.S. reunion. The distance from Louisiana to Crete was just too much. So, his next option was studying the photos taken at the reunion. And study them he did. The photos grew into real feelings with storys that filled in the present. Kitty was the "big time helper and hero" the last sever months. Above and beyond the call of duty? Allen Wolf and Barry Krizan made the trek to Slidel to see Don one last time in late December '11. Talk about appreciation; it made Don's year.

If you have Facebook, take a look at Eileen Carmody-Wicks site. Starting with the picture of a red rose petal, there are pictures of Don's services, and burial site. Kitty Carmody Hagan's site has an outstanding review of Don's service as well, including the music, and eulogy. Look at her comments starting around March 31, and going back in time from there.